The Mostly Harmless Adventures of Damian (drockdamian) wrote in the_p_per_ch_se,
The Mostly Harmless Adventures of Damian

Hey guys. I'm trying to raise funds to print the next issue of my magazine, Mostly Harmless Magazine (temporary website at:

Therefore i'm selling some collectables that are near and dear to my heart. In my years living in Shreveport, Louisiana I met the guys from the pAper chAse a few dozen times. They have crashed at both of my houses there in town... Hell one of my best friends, Lisa Normand Moved to Dallas and started dating John Cogelton. so i have 2 items that i got back in that time that i think are pretty damned rare. I thought i would give you guys the heads up on these. here are the links:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

These both end in about 6-7 days or so. So get bidding! I also have an old t-shirt i might be willing to part with. I dont wear it, as its a large and im an extra large sort of guy... hmm... I'll have to think about selling it...

Thanks for your bidding and thanks for helping me get Mostly Harmless Magazine #1, Volume 2 printed. More information on MHM check out:


Thanks again.
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